What are the Foyers of Charity?

The Foyers of Charity are Catholic communities of men and women who, following the example of the first Christians, place their material, intellectual and spiritual goods in common.

They live their commitment in the same Spirit, in order to build, with Mary as Mother, the Family of God on earth.

They do this under the leadership of a priest, the Father, in an unceasing effort of charity among themselves.

By their life of prayer and work in the world, they give witness to Light, Charity and Love according to the great message of Christ, King, Prophet and Priest.

Rooted in the Church

Founded in 1936 in France at the initiative of Marthe Robin and Fr. George Finet, the Foyers of Charity were, on the 8th of December 1999 definitively approved by the Pontifical Council for the Laity in Rome as “A Private Association of the Faithful of International Character”.

Today there are over 80 Foyers spread throughout 45 countries worldwide. Foyers are found in Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Why a Foyer of Charity in Ireland?

Irish Coast

Pope John Paul II called for the re-evangelisation of Europe and therefore of Ireland – our families, our education, our media, our culture, our politics… The hour is certainly now ripe for a Foyer in Ireland to answer that call – to build up the faith of our people, so that once again, Ireland may become “a light to the nations” – and in so doing to fulfil her historic mission in the world.

The first Foyer of Charity called “Nazareth” has started in Dunmore East with Fr. Kilian Byrne and lay members with the blessing of Bishop William Lee. We ask your prayers for this new work of the Lord in Ireland. You are welcome to come and see.

The story of the Foyer of Light, Charity and Love

30 minute audio recording of Fr. Kilian Byrne telling the story of the Foyer…

For more information about the Foyer of Charity visit the international website.